I was born in Budapest in 1953.

I graduated in 1973 and since then I have gained work experience ranging from a panel beater to an articulated bus driver, including a driving instructor. At present I am employed as a driver at the Institute for Transport Sciences. I have two adult children and four grandchildren.

Many years ago I enrolled in classes at the Ceramicpark, as an absolute beginner, I initially wished to learn pottery. But after a few months I discovered that I had an afinity for hand crafting, although I would like to develop my pottery skills further.

I do not have a predetermined style, I make items as I wish and those that catch my fancy - be it a ceramic pot plant or a mask or anything else. I have created statues, double-walled pottery, grotesque figures with reticulated decorative work as well as comical objects.

I fancy black-burn techniques and I am experimenting with new decorative ideas and find that I am going to go forward with etched items. The rough matt texture polished to a smooth shiny texture gives an interesting combination. Lately I have been experimenting with colouring my objects.

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